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UPOU Personnel Participates in the International Conference on Mobile Learning

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Faculty and staff members from the University of the Philippines Open University presented research papers in the Third International Mobile Learning Festival (IMLF) held on 27-28 May 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Assistant Professor Reinald Adrian DL. Pugoy of the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (FICS) presented his paper titled “ Mobile Solution for Synchronized and Offline Version of Audio-Based Open Educational Resources (OERs).” The mobile app he developed for Android devices allowed students to listen to audio-based OERs even when they are offline. When connected to the Internet, students can download the latest audio materials and sync them to the app. By developing this mobile app, Pugoy said that it would avoid disadvantaging those eLearners who have very slow Internet connection and those who do not have constant access to the Internet.

Dr. Maria Rowena DR. Raymundo, a lecturer of the Faculty of Education (FEd), presented her paper “The QR Code as a Mobile Learning Tool for Labor Room (LR) Nurses at San Pablo College Medical Center.”  Her study, participated in by 14 board certified LR nurses, showed that QR code is an acceptable learning tool in a workplace environment in the context of continuing nursing education. Nurses found QR codes to have high level of functionality, usability, and usefulness. They added that they are satisfied with the kind and amount of supplementary medical information accessed, as well as the favorable effect it had on their personal learning.

Ms. Luisa A. Gelisan, University Researcher, and Maria Amabelle G. Banasihan, Administrative Assistant, at the Multimedia Center (MC) presented their documentation of the use of “Web Streaming for eLearning: The UPOU Experience.” Web streaming, or the technology that allows delivering live audio and video on the Internet, is being used by the university for the delivery of academic and student support services; extension programs for its various publics, and human resource development programs for its personnel.  The authors provided the best practices that they have documented for the past 4 years of providing technical assistance for web streaming of UPOU activities.  

The IMLF2016 was supported by the Faculty of Education-University of Hong Kong, Mobile Learning FRT, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, and Thailand Cyber University. (Multimedia Center)