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Professor Lex Librero at DevCom Conference


Prof. Lex Librero speaks on "Development Communication as a Mindset."


Professor Felix Librero delivered the keynote address at the 2nd National Conference of the Consortium of Development Communication Educators and Practitioners in the Philippines (CDCEPP) with the theme “Development Communication: A ‘Global’ Practice. ” The conference was held at the Isabela State University, Cabagan, Isabela on 9-11 November 2012.

With the title “Devcom As Mindset: Is It Possible?,” Prof. Librero stated that the guidepost for a development communicator is a process of reaching a level of mental preparedness, readiness, and willingness to pursue with single-minded confidence and commitment the achievement, through the use of communication, of a human development purpose or end-goal. He emphasised that the development communicator must have a “sense of commitment” and must accept the “individual responsibility for advancing human development.”

Prof. Librero was the second Chancellor of the UP Open University and the present Program Chair of the UPOU Doctor of Communication (DCOMM) program, and Professor of Development Communication courses.

CDCEPP’s goal is “promote the ideals of development communication as a field of study and practice which contributes to community development and nation-building through meaningful and relevant communication ” and “work together with shared dreams for the nation and recognizing communication as the creative force of community-centered, culturally-sensitive, and process-oriented social change.” Its head office is located at the College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), College, Laguna. (Criscelle Moya)



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