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3rd RTD on Openness of Open Universities: Open curricula


Two UPOU academics share their thoughts and studies on open curriculum and multiple entries/exits.

The Faculty of Education (FEd) and the Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) co-organized the 3rd Round Table Discussion on “Openness of Open Universities” held on 08 November 2012 at the UPOU Oblation Hall.

Two speakers, Prof. Cesar Z. Luna and Prof. Marie-Sol Hidalgo shared their thoughts and studies on open curriculum and multiple entries/exits.

In Prof. Luna’s presentation “Multiple Entries/Exits and Open Curricula: Can These Improve My Program?”, he tackled the Multiple Entry Continuum, using the curriculum structures of the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management  and the Master of Land Valuation and Management programs as examples. He also discussed the differences of conventional learning versus alternative learning. The Open Curriculum Continuum was also defined and Prof. Luna explained its possible implementation in the UP Open University setting.

Patched video conference via Skype, Prof. Marie-Sol P. Hidalgo discussed her presentation entitled, “An Exploration of Open Curriculum in the Context of Social Transformation.”  Prof. Hidalgo delved in the communities of practices where the community creates knowledge through practice and common habits and methodologies; education is a means for initiating individuals to a community of practice; and the curriculum is considered as a codified knowledge. She also defined the open curriculum and its structure in her presentation with sample curricula from OER Universities for reference.

Attendees were composed of faculty members from the three faculty offices and some REPS and administrative staff members were able to share their thoughts on the ideas presented, some probing, others asking questions about UP Open University’s readiness for open curriculum. FEd Dean Patricia Arinto, who served as the discussion moderator, synthesized all the ideas presented. (Anna MEF Cañas-Llamas)



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