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UPOU Conducts Second RTD Series on “The Openness of Open Universities”


Two UPOU academics discuss open admissions and accreditation of prior learning in a round-table discussion.


The UP Open University conducted its second round table discussion (RTD) series on “The Openness of Open Universities” on 09 October 2012 at the Sandbox, the meeting lounge located at the CCDL Building.

This RTD focused on two issues related to opening up educational possibilities to a wider audience -- Open Admissions and Accreditation of Prior Learning. Dr. Arzadon and Dr. Bagarinao were the chief discussants.

Dr. Maria Mercedes “Ched” Arzadon, Program Chair for the Bachelor of Education Studies, discussed “Recognition of Prior Learning: Models and Frameworks.” She tackled the different models of and practices in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) abroad and in the Philippines, particularly the Extended Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP).

Dr. Arzadon also tackled the problems encountered in the implementation of RPL. She ended her discussion with a quote from John Dewey: “The beginning of instruction shall be made with the experience learners already have… this experience and the capacities that have been developed during its course provide the starting point for all further learning (1938).”

The second speaker was Dr. Ricardo Bagarinao, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education and current UPOU University Registrar. In his presentation, “Open Admissions: Rethinking the Use of Admission Criteria in Degree Programs,” he defined open admission as the “unselective and non-competitive college admission process.” He also discussed the guiding principles of open admissions, the practices involved in the United States and in the United Kingdom, the downside of open admissions, and the admission process at the UP Open University.

Both topics elicited various opinions from participating faculty members, research, extension and administrative staff members. (Anna MEF Cañas-Llamas)





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