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Online Teaching and Learning

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(2nd Trimester - September to November)

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This is a 12-week online course that introduces participants to the new teaching and learning paradigms of the Information Age. The course focuses on the pedagogical theories, approaches and methods of online learning.



The course will enable participants to:

  • Discuss the philosophy and pedagogy of online learning;

  • Examine how people learn online;

  • Explore the changing roles of teachers and learners in an online classroom

  • Foster a sense of community and collaborative learning in an online course;

  • Design online learning activitites appropriate to their discipline; and

  • Develop procedures for assessing online learning outcomes and for evaluating course effectiveness.


Admission Requirements

The course is open to faculty of colleges and universities, trainors and facilitators, e-learning course designers and developers, and other interested individuals.

To be admitted, applicants must have:

  1. at least a Bachelor's degree

  2. basic computer and Internet skills (wordprocessing and email, surfing the Internet)

  3. access to a computer connected to the Internet


Course Structure

The course consists of seven modules, as follows:

Module 1

Assessing Readiness to Teach Online

Module 2

Why Teach Online

Module 3

Constructivism and Online Learning

Module 4

Envisioning the Process of Teaching Online

Module 5

Designing Online Learning Activities

Module 6

Creating a Community of Learners

Module 7

Evaluating Students' Learning



The learning package consists of study guides (modules) and online readings. Participants are required to engage in intensive asynchronous discussions and other collaborative activities online.