UP Open University

Faculty Offices Hold Recognition Rites for Graduates


The three UP Open University's (UPOU) Faculty of Studies held their respective fellowship and recognition rites for their graduates and alumni on 29 July 2016 at UP Open University Headquarters, Los Baños, Laguna.



The Faculty of Education (FEd) had a total of 123 graduates -- 43 from the Associate in Arts (AA) program, 3 as the first batch of the Bachelor of Education Studies (BES) graduates, 7 from Graduate Certificate in Distance Education (GCDE), 44 from Diploma in Language and Literacy Education (DLLE), 8 from the Diploma in Mathematics Teaching (DMT), 3 from the Diploma in Social Studies Education (DSSE), 1 from Diploma in Science Teaching (DST), 7 from Master of Arts in Education - Language and Literacy Education (MAED-LLE), 2 from Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education (MA LLE), and 5 from the Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) program. Dr. Patricia Arinto, Dean of FEd delivered a short welcome speech for the graduates. Three FEd graduates made it to the Chancellor’s List – Ferlan Fariñas and Senen Niño Pineda II, both from the DSSE program and both garnering a GWA of 1.00, and Eddie Fetalvero (PhD) with a 1.13 GWA. FEd held their program at Pook Ugnayan at the UPOU Community Hub.




The Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (FICS) conducted its program at the UPOU Audio Visual Room. Dr. Alexander Flor welcomed the graduates and alumni. Three of the FICS’ graduates for 2016 made the Chancellor’s list namely, Jerry Donato (Master of Development Communication(MDC)) at 1.07, Arnel Genzola (Doctor of Communication (DComm) at 1.11 and Reynaldo Segumpan (DComm) at 1.13. Ten graduates, on the other hand, made it to the Dean’s List – Ma. Divine Caraecle (MDC), Rosangela Anne Salaya (MIS), Homer Co (Master of Information Systems(MIS)), Cynthia Almontero-Matheson (MDC), Lee Van Aranton (MDC), Kathleen Lou Articona (MDC), Jhayson Ryann Corpuz (MDC), Dennise Allan Castro (MDC), Jassel Llaneli Manalo (MDC) and Corazon Reboroso (DComm). FICS had a total of 96 graduates – 7 from the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS), 8 from Diploma in Computer Science (DCS), 42 from MDC, 33 from MIS and 6 from DComm.




The Faculty of Management and Development Studies (FMDS) held its program at the Centennial Center for Digital Learning Building. The total number of graduates from FMDS is 140— 1 graduate each from Diploma in Social Work (DSW), Master of Social Work (MSW) and Master of International Health (MIH); 6 from Graduate Certificate in ASEAN Studies(GCAS); 17 from Diploma in Land Valuation and Management (DLVM); 9 from Diploma in Research and Development Management (DR&DM); 17 from Diploma in Environment and Natural Resources Management (DENRM); 35 from Diploma in International Health (DIH); 17 from Master of Public Management (MPM); 22 from Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management (MENRM) and 14 from Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN). Honor graduates from FMDS include 3 on the Chancellor’s List – Paolo Hilado (DR&DM) with a GWA of 1.06; Jabez Joshua Flores (MENRM) at 1.10; and Harvey John Garcia (MENRM) at 1.14. Two graduates made the Dean’s List, namely Jerome Adriano (MENRM) and Ronald John Autriz (DR&DM). Dr. Primo Garcia, Dean of FMDS, welcomed and gave the opening remarks and Asst. Prof Rita Ramos, Faculty Secretary, presented and recognized the graduates and honor students from FMDS. Dr. Inocencio Buot, former Dean of FMDS and UP Scientist III, gave an inspirational message for the graduates. Dr. Jean Saludadez, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration gave the closing remarks.

All the programs were attended by the faculty, official and staff of each Faculty Office. These events also became the venue to induct the graduates as new members of the Alumni Association of each Faculty Office.  (Criscelle Moya- Pobre)