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Getting organized as a Distance Learner

Here some basic tips on getting organized as a new distance learner:

1. Read the Course Guide carefully. 

The Course Guide will familiarize you with the deadlines of requirements, examination schedule, and other house rules. It also specifies the learning activities (e.g., online discussion) you need to do within the term/semester. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the course as stated in the guide.

2. Refer to the Academic Calendar

Consult the Academic Calendar for key dates throughout  the academic year that are important to you, including registration period, start and end of classes, examinations, study sessions, and other academic activities. 

3. Study the lessons regularly.

Read/study the course materials (both online and print) thoroughly. Make notes to aid your understanding.

4. Submit your assignments and other requirements.

Make sure that you are clear about your Faculty-in-Charge's instructions and expectations about the submission of these requirements. 

5. Participate in online activities

Participation in online discussions may be required by your FIC. Announcements related to the course are also normally posted in the course site so make it a habit to enter your course site regularly.

6. Ask questions

If you have trouble understanding any of the lesson or doing a learning activity or requirement, do not hesitate to contact your FIC or Tutor. 

7.  Seek student support

If you have questions about administrative matters pertaining to your studies, please contact your Learning Center Coordinator or the Student Support staff at your Dean's Office.